We believe that corruptive influences

have always been working against the church. Along with anti-moral forces, Shalom Baptist church repudiates the man centered philosophies of secular humanism, materialism, evolution, abortion, feminism, homosexuality and secular psychology. All of these forces are contrary to the revealed Word of God.

Abortion Issue

Life begins at conception and we as a people of God should support and protect life. It is presumptuous and arrogant to assume that the so called “fetus” (baby) is a non-person. If there is any doubt, wisdom would choose to err on the side of life.  The taking of the life of an individual is murder. The abortion movement today is a movement of legalized murder.  It is murdering the innocent who cannot defend themselves. (Ps.139; Ex.20:13; Deut.30:19).


Homosexuality is hedonism and a detestable lifestyle (Levit.18:22; 20:13). God’s plan was the creation of male and female. Each man and woman may have only one in a special relationship called marriage. Legally being bound together and vowing before God to enter into this special relationship of marriage. Two men or two women bound together is not a marriage, but according to scripture it is an abomination before a Holy God. Homosexuals can be saved by faith alone and repenting of their sin. They can be transformed by the power of God and discipled into the local church. (Rom.1:18-32; Heb.13:4; Gen.1:27; 2:18-25; 1Tim.2:3-4; 1Cor.6:9-11).

Women in Ministry

Men and women stand on equal ground before God spiritually. Women have been given gifts by the Holy Spirit to serve in the church. The primary role of Christian men is to serve as husbands and fathers, so likewise the primary role of Christian women is to serve as wives and mothers.

Shalom Baptist Church encourages women and men to have personal ministries. Sometimes they are called to serve in leadership positions. The Scripture is clear that male leadership may serve as pastors and deacons. There are other leadership capacities for women in the church under the authority of pastors and deacons. Modern secular feminism, and unfortunately, so called “evangelical feminism”, tries to destroy these Biblical roles and distinctions. (1Tim.2:9-15; 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9; 2:1-8).

Bible Translations

The word of God came to us under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It came through the writing of men such as Moses and the Apostle Paul. The original documents were infallible and inerrant in every area. God has preserved His word through the many manuscripts and in the translations we hold in our hands. However, all translations are not of equal value and some are so flawed they should not be used by any student of the Word.

While many opinions and schools of thought exist as to which translation is the most reliable to use today, Shalom Baptist will preach and teach from the Authorized Version (KJV). However, we do not hold to a “King James Only” position.  As for the Critical-Text vs the Traditional-Text, we believe that this is a scholarly debate that each person must work through and come to their own conclusions. This is not an issue of breaking fellowship and separation. For a more modern contemporary version, the New King James Bible is also very reliable and recommended for studying and devotional reading. Shalom Baptist affirms the soul liberty of every believer to choose in this area without being disobedient to the faith. Nor would we censure or separate from other good fundamental ministries or from brethren who preach and teach out of other good conservative translations.


We believe in a literal six day creation account. Each day having a literal 24 hour period of time. Shalom Baptist rejects the theory of evolution in creation of earth and also of man. Man did not evolve over a long period of time. God created man on the sixth day of creation in his complete form.  (Gen.1-2; Ex.31:13-17)


Shalom Baptist Church will take a more conservative and traditional approach to church music. Please see the written philosophy of  music for a more fuller explanation.


We believe in the sovereign election of Israel as God’s eternal covenant people. Israel has always been Israel whether in the land or scattered. God has always had a plan for Israel and has been working out that plan since their inception. The church is not Israel, although Jewish people can be saved and are part of the church. There is a future kingdom for Israel which shall come following their repentance and the return of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. (Gen.13:14-17; Ezek.37; Rom.11:1-32).

The Emergent Church

The new emergent church movement is an apostate movement of unbelief. It has the view that there is no absolute truth. Everything is uncertain and there is hatred toward certainty/absolute truth. This is a growing movement penetrating the evangelical church. The movement’s greatest threat is that it undermines the authority of Scripture and the truth of the gospel. It is a mixture of mysticism from the middle ages of the Roman Catholic Church and liberal theology of the past 150 years. It is a man-centered apostate church of our present day. (2Cor.6:14-7:1).

Messianic Judaism

Shalom Baptist Church is not a messianic congregation, nor part of that movement. Most of Messinanic Judaism teaches that one must be “Torah Observant”. The Bible teaches contrary whereas all believers in the Lord Jesus are set free from the law and no longer under it as a rule of life.  Messianic Judaism ends up adhering to much of Rabbinical Judaism which is in no way mandated by God. We do have a heart for the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel. We do believe that there is a Jewish foundation to our Christian faith and that faith should be explored as we teach through the Word of God. We do believe that the Bible was penned through the hands of Jewish men and we have a Jewish Messiah. Our Communion comes right out of the Passover celebration and is often missed by most Christians. The church began with a Jewish foundation but God’s intent is to have no division in his body. The middle wall was taken down by the Messiah himself so as to have both, Jew and Gentile together in one body! (Eph.2:11-22).

Education of Children

We believe that the education of children is solely in the hands of parents. Parents have the responsibility and are free to choose how they will educate their children. In our country there are three means available for parents to choose: Public, Christian, and Home schools. Regardless of where a parent chooses to place their child to be educated, they are still responsible to educate or even re-educate that child according to the principles and guidelines laid down in the Word of God. The church comes alongside the parent to help in this regard, but it is still the parent that is responsible (Deut.6:4-9; Eph.6:1-4).


Shalom Baptist Church rejects the methods and approaches of helping people according to modern psychology, whether secular or so called “Christian Psychology”. God’s Word is sufficient for all things that pertain to life and godliness (2Pet.1:3). That is to say, man’s problems tend to be mostly spiritual in nature (there are physiological problems too) and to those we must take and apply the word of God to grow spiritually (progressive sanctification). Biblical counseling is intensified or concentrated/focused discipleship which spends time discovering and applying God’s Word to one’s life and given situation.